The Swanson Family
Gun Violence Survivors
Family member taken by gun violence

“[The shooting] affected our lives permanently, and it's affected the way we do things. I try to make sure that I keep my kids close, or I always know where they're at. I won't go to any more gatherings because it reminds me of what happened… I don't celebrate the holidays. I don't take that from my children, I let them enjoy their time, but I don't celebrate. I don't celebrate my birthday. It's like somebody's missing.”


“I find my moments of joy in watching other kids play, watching the joys of their life. Although it can be sad, sometimes I still attend the football games, the little league that he played for, and just watching the younger kids of the family and play. When I came out to do this project… I just really wanted to get this story out here and to just keep “little man" alive. He deserves some justice in some form, and hopefully someday soon.”

“I have felt that Deshon's story was not as important; that it wasn't broadcasted as much as other stories that happened at that time. It makes you feel like because we were in a certain neighborhood, that this story was just forgotten, or it was just brushed away. This baby is gone, and nothing happened. To get people in other places to actually care about what goes on here ... It's sad to say, but I don't think nobody cares until it happens to them.”